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Know the Enemy: BED BUGS

Bed Bugs

Dear Friends, Bed bugs don’t just live in your bed.  They show up almost everywhere—over floors, along the walls, on the ceilings, and even among your clothes. Despite their small size, they can be a big problem for homeowners. Bed bugs are those tiny, brown, flat, oval-shaped insects that feed on the blood of humans

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Local Pest Control Tips & How To Handle Holiday Pests

BPC's Happy Holidays

Dear Friends, Happy Holidays from Brezden Pest Control. We would like to take this opportunity to extend a note of thanks to our  hard working staff and loyal customers. We are looking forward to a prosperous 2016. 2016. This year marks our  35th year in business protecting the residents of San Luis Obispo county  from

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Be Wary of These Unwanted Thanksgiving Pests

BPC's Fall Facebook Cover

Brezden Pest Control in San Luis Obispo celebrates Thanksgiving and its 35 year anniversary with tips about keeping unwanted pests out of your home.

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Top 10 Pest Control Mistakes to Avoid For Pet Owners

Cat and Dog

As pet owners, we love our furry friends and never want to see them uncomfortable due to bugs and insects. Just like we’re quick to respond to fix our body when we’re not feeling well, our pets deserve that same sense of urgency. When trying to bring relief to your pets, consider these top ten

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Happy Halloween from Brezden Pest Control

BPC's October 2014 Facebook Cover

Floors that creak, bats in the belfry, strange odors – oh my! Halloween can be a frightening time of year. But all those events can be real home horror stories, too. Brezden Pest Control provides some timely home pest control advice.

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Say No To Pests In 2015

Brezden Pest Control

Dear Friends, It’s been a cold winter here in San Luis Obispo county. While we may not have mounds of snow in our drive ways, it’s cold enough that we’ve been turning up the heater full blast in the office. Just as you and I are looking for a warm place to get away from

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Pest Control Company Recommends Executive Janitorial Service

Pest Control Company Recommends Executive Janitorial Service

Pests can be drawn to a home or business for many reasons. Maintaining a clean environment or hiring a pest control company can prevent a pest infestation. Brezden Pest Control in San Luis Obispo recommends Executive Janitorial Service in the fight against unwanted pests.

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Watch Out for These Summer Pests in California

BPC's July 2014 Facebook Cover

We all love summer in California, but one thing we don’t love is the unwanted bugs that come along with it. Don’t let your picnics, barbeques, or nights out on the patio be spoiled by unwanted pests. Brezden Pest Control, a family owned and operated business, knows just what to do to keep these summer

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Mice Infestation In Your Home – Now What?

Army of Rats

Eek! Mice Have Infested Your Home – Now What? Some people think they’re cute and furry, but a mouse infestation can pose serious health risks to humans in your home or commercial space. These rodents may carry viruses, bacteria or other diseases that can be harmful to you and your pets. One particularly nasty virus

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Pest Control Insulation: Safe, Insect-free Energy Savings!

Brezden Pest Control

The latest development in home insulation technology is insulation that doubles as pest control. Thermal Acoustic Pest Control Insulation, or “TAP”, was designed with two main principles in mind: concern for people, and concern for the environment. TAP uses borates – not pesticides – as its active pest control ingredient.  Borates are mineral salts mined from the earth, and

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