Drywood Termite Treatment Options

Treatment Options for Drywood Termite and Wood Boring Beetles
drywood-termiteOption 1: Fumigation
Normally the duration of the fumigation is 3 days and 2 nights. The first day the tarp is put on the structure and the fumigant is released. On the second day the fumigators return to take the tarp off and aerate the structure. After locking the structure the fumigators leave and then return on the 3rd day to further aerate the structure and finally certify the structure for reentry. For customers who wish to use this method, please download and complete these Fumigation Notice papers.
Option 2: Localized Treatment
Locally treat the infestation by treating the areas and surrounding areas of the infestations. This is achieved by treating the termite channels directly and by applying material to the surfaces of the wood members and wall voids.

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