Enough To Make You Antsy

New breed of fiery pest takes over homes near San Luis Obispo

They’re quickly spreading, and rapidly reproducing. They’ll sting your skin and nest in your walls. They’re called the Red Imported Fire Ant and they’re edging ever nearer to  San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas.

The invasion

Currently, the Red Imported Fire Ant is considered prevalent in 12 southern states, and the species is rapidly expanding its turf into areas of California, including Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and to a somewhat minimal extent, San Diego counties.

How did this happen? Insect experts believe the critters made the move along with imported soil moved into the areas—and quickly fanned out from there, thanks to their rapid-paced reproduction capabilities.

The sting of Fire

So why all the fuss? Aside from their scary name, the Red Imported Fire Ant varies from other ant species common to California in its aggressive behavior—often unleashed when its nesting quarters or food source is disturbed—and commonly resulting in a bite. While the Red Imported Fire Ant will likely choose your yard as a nest, rotted or moist portions of wood in your home are also prime real estate to the critters.

Red Imported Fire Ants can quickly infest your yard, building a barrage of nests that, to the untrained eye, can simply look like mounds of dirt. But beware; accidently kick over a habitat of these aggressive ants, and your ankles, legs, or other exposed skin areas may be exposed to their angry recoil: a bite.

While the bites of the Red Imported Fire Ants are unpleasant at best, in some individuals they can lead to serious allergic reactions, white pustules that can take weeks to wane, a stinging sensation, swelling and the risk of infections.

Stay on the defensive

If you haven’t already realized it, Red Imported Fire Ants are not a welcome addition to your home. You need to stay on the defensive should these aggressive ants make their way to the San Luis Obispo area. To help officials track the ants’ invasion, experts urge you to contact your county agricultural commissioner if you see the ants in your yard.

But you’ll also want to deal with your own infestation. Give the experts at Brezden Pest Control a call immediately and they’ll export your Red Imported Fire Ant problem in no time. Give them a call at (805) 288-7802 or stop by their offices at 3261 South Higuera Suite #100 in San Luis Obispo, CA.