Pacific Pest: Termite breed loves the coastal climate

A male and female locate an ideal spot along the California Coast (perhaps near San Luis Obispo), create a home, seal off the dwelling from destruction, and get about the business of starting a family. Before long, their brood has grown, and another California family is created.

While this sounds like the American dream for many, it is, in fact, also an apt description of how the Pacific Dampwood Termite invades homes and replicates, growing in number and thriving in pest reproduction. And while traditional family units vary in size in stature all along the California Coast, the numbers in the Pacific Dampwood Termite brood can get up into the 4,000s, which is even more astonishing when you consider the colony gets its start with just 12 eggs laid by the queen.

The wetter, the better

These hungry little buggers love to make a meal out of a damp piece of wood—much of the reason why they are often found near decaying wood or pilings subject to tidal flooding. If their preferred wet snack is not available, the Pacific Dampwood Termite will snack on essentially any type of wood in its range.

Most of the “work” (read: damage) done by these pests can be pinned on the colony’s winged swarmers (which are usually 1” long and light to medium brown) and black or reddish-brown soldiers (with their large heads equipped with long, black-toothed mandibles).

Evidence of their work is often showcased through tunnels in wood with a wide variance in size, as well as the presence of termite fecal matter (pest poo). Due to the difficulty in identifying exactly whether you’ve got a Pacific Dampwood pest on your hands or not, if you suspect termite damage, it’s best to call the experts at Brezden Pest Control in San Luis Obispo, CA, serving homeowners all along the California Coast area.

Take back your turf

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