Rodents in Central California communities, like San Luis Obispo, are a health challenge. The movies make these creatures into loveable chefs, though that is probably a case of an overzealous public relations effort on the part of the rodents.

The fact is rodents are common pests wherever people are living with rats and mice being the most common culprits. Before you can tackle a rat or mouse problem, you need to have your property assessed to check the extent of the problem.

Rats and mice are social and intelligent creatures and can take a while to accept bait that is put out for them. It is important to eliminate them effectively to stop them from returning because their gestation period is very short. They can mature fully within 12 weeks. It is easy for a colony to get out of control, especially if there are few natural predators around. Female rats can have up to 50 young per year.

Rodents can carry a number of dangerous diseases such as Brucellosis, foot and mouth disease, salmonella, Weil’s disease, and Murine Typhus. They can be quite problematic for farm animals as well. Livestock, poultry, pigs and calves are at the greatest risk of infection from rodents.

You will know you have a problem with rats if you see their droppings lying around which are pellet-shaped. You are also likely to see other signs such as gnawing or teeth marks on furniture and on food packages.

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