Seven Sisters Mountain Range

The Seven Sisters are comprised of ancient volcanic intrusions or plugs. Sometimes they are referred to as The Nine Morros, depending on how many of the peaks are included in the count. These mountains are at the very heart of San Luis Obispo County, and are an important daily reminder to local residents that we live in a very special place, close to the land.

The two pergolas represent the “seven sisters,” as well as the count controversy. Each post has a different datum, as each mountain has a different datum. One pergola defines the kitchen and dining room with a count of seven posts and the spa area has a total of four posts giving a grand total of eleven, which represents other peaks not typically counted.

Native and non-native plants are used in large drifts to echo the coastal sage/chaparral landscape of the valley and mountains beyond. Complementary grasses are a key element of the design, as they are the prominent vegetation of the valley. Grasses are important here because they live with the harsh winds in the valley, and they also add life and drama as they blow in the wind.

The fire pit is an important element in creating a comfortable and usable space on this windy site. The Ipe bench also adds warmth to the landscape, through both color and texture. Earth tones were selected for the paving, walls, and furniture, to ground the project and relate it back to the site and existing architecture of the home.