Watch Out for These Summer Pests in California

Bat ControlWe all love summer in California, but one thing we don’t love is the unwanted bugs that come along with it. Don’t let your picnics, barbeques, or nights out on the patio be spoiled by unwanted pests. Brezden Pest Control, a family owned and operated business, knows just what to do to keep these summer pests from destroying your summer fun:

Bed Bugs: Bed bugs tend to feed on a bed’s occupants at night. They can crawl into very small crevices between mattresses, seams in bed linens, upholstery, behind wood trim, inside electrical boxes, in floors, behind wallpaper, and in any other area near a blood meal. An infestation of bed bugs is NOT evidence of unclean or unsanitary living areas. They will move great distances for a meal, so just washing bed linens or other infested areas might not eliminate the source. The first step our professional takes in bed bug control is to thoroughly inspect the area to find where the bed bugs are living. Our pest control expert then determines the proper type of control technique and treats the affected area.

Ants: Ants usually enter your home in search of food, but they are also attracted to sources of moisture so make sure you don’t have outside taps that drip or areas where water collects. Rotting wood can provide the perfect spot for them to build a nest. Be sure to remove any piles of wood lying around outdoors, and regularly check for signs of ant nests under pots and between pavement cracks. We are experts at finding and eliminating ant nests to get rid of ants completely.

Bats: Bats congregate in large numbers outdoors, in attics, and in barns. To get rid of bats, you need to prevent them from returning to their roost spot. When you contact Brezden for bat control and exclusion services, a thorough inspection is made of the property to determine the extent of the infestation. Bat netting is then installed where bats enter in a way that allows nesting bats to exit their den. Upon their return, the bats are unable to reenter their den, forcing them to relocate.

Ant Control

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