No sympathy for this widow: Venomous spider danger to Californians!

At Brezden Pest Control, which services San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and Paso Robles, CA, we understand that many Californians just plain do not like spiders. They’re creepy, crawly, sneaky, and cause shivers up the spine.

Fortunately, most species native to the central coast of California, areas are relatively harmless to humans, and will cause irritation where contact is made, at worst.

Not the black widow spider, or “Latrodectus Hesperus,” as it is scientifically known, which prefers the same dry, warm climates you do, and is found in nearly every desert of the American southwest, as well as the warm western regions of the U.S.

Spot a widow: Male, female or child:

Here’s a quick guide on how to spot the three kinds of black widow spiders that might take up residence around your home:

Adult females: Black and shiny with a red, hourglass shape on their round abdomen’s underside. Measure around 3.5 cm in length.

Adult males: Half the size of their female mates; smaller bodies, but longer legs with yellow and red bands and spots on their dorsal region.

Newly-hatched: White or yellowish white and slowly turn black with age.

Why would they want to live with me?

A black widow spider might not want to live with you as much as they want to get near your trash and trash cans— a common nesting site of this freaky spider.

Other common sites? Under or around houses, especially when temperatures begin to drop lower than they prefer and a warmer spot to rest is sought.

If you spot one of these critters, avoid playing at-home exterminator. Why? The bites from these critters are quite dangerous– 15 times as poisonous as a rattlesnake to be exact. Instead, let our expert exterminators take care of the dangerous invaders. Give us a call at (805) 544-9446 . We’ll make the widow find a new place to call home.