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The Central Coast of California, including San Luis Obispo and surrounding communities, have frequently seen an infestation of earwigs in gardens planted by residents. Earwigs can be a gardener’s worst nightmare if they get out of control. They are enemies of the veggie patch, and also have a fondness for fruit and flowers, that are

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Controlling bats in San Luis Obispo, and other parts of the Central Coast of California, creates challenges for some homeowners. Bats congregate in large numbers outdoors, in attics, and in barns. In order to get rid of bats, you need to prevent them from being able to return to their roost spot. At Brezden Pest

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Rodents in Central California communities, like San Luis Obispo, are a health challenge. The movies make these creatures into loveable chefs, though that is probably a case of an overzealous public relations effort on the part of the rodents. The fact is rodents are common pests wherever people are living with rats and mice being

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Pest control in San Luis Obispo, and in many parts of the Central Coast of California, should include treatment for ants. As one of the most common characters of the insect world, ants can be a problem inside and outside your home. There are a number of different types of ants and they range in

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs impact residents of San Luis Obispo and communities in and around the Central Coast of California. While bed bugs do not actually spread disease, their parasitic habits are uncomfortable yet avoidable. Bed bugs suck the blood from humans and animals, usually while they are asleep, which is the source of these pests name.

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Bird control in San Luis Obispo, and other parts of the Central Coast of California, is a challenge. While they may be lovely to look at, and have in the garden, birds can become a nuisance. If their numbers grow too large they start nesting in your house, roof, or eaves. We at Brezden Pest

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