Bird control in San Luis Obispo, and other parts of the Central Coast of California, is a challenge. While they may be lovely to look at, and have in the garden, birds can become a nuisance. If their numbers grow too large they start nesting in your house, roof, or eaves. We at Brezden Pest Control use bird netting to deter nesting birds and use sensitive traps to capture pigeons.

When bird numbers get out of control, their droppings can cause an unsightly mess and breed some dangerous diseases, like histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis. Pigeon droppings have also been known to spread the encephalitis virus.

Bird-carried disease aside, if a bird is nesting somewhere in or around your home they can become a nuisance. Their scratching and flapping may keep you up at night or wake you early in the morning.

In order to get rid of birds we at Brezden Pest Control use netting to bar them from returning to their nests once they leave. We make sure that they are not injured in the process and give them a clear indication that their nest is no longer available to them. This sends them off to find another spot to build a new nest. As far as pigeons are concerned, they need to be caught and relocated. We use gentle traps and release them into other areas. Alternatively, we let your neighbor children loose with BB guns.

It is important not to poison birds because they can be eaten by other larger animals that can in turn be killed by the poison. This may potentially set off a dangerous contamination in the ecosystem and the food chain.


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