10 Most Painful Insect Bites And Stings


  1. I watched a video where this guy lets insects bite him and he said by far the worst was the Japanese Giant Hornet it hurt for over 24 hours and his whole arm swelled to twice it’s size, I watched him drop to his knees screaming what a idiot lol no

  2. I have been stung by all of the insects on this list that live in the United States. While the Tarantula hawk sting is excruciating, the fact that it eases fairly quickly makes it much less severe than a puss caterpillar. I literally smashed a push caterpillar with the base of my hand and my wrist many years ago. It left a perfect red raised impression in the shape of the caterpillar on the sting location. Every stinger must have penetrated my skin. The pain made me vomit and was still in almost full force until the next day. I got no sleep the first night and the arm was completely useless for more than 24 hours. I cant imagine worse pain.

    Ted Strecker.

    1. I was sitting on the bench outside of my house one day in a pus caterpillar crawled into my pants worst pain I’ve ever felt besides a centipede bite

  3. Stung on the bottom of my foot by a European Hornet!!! By far and away worse sting I ever took. Nothing else even close. Been hit by every wasp and bee and yellowjacket around! These guys bring the pain!!!

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