15 Pest Control Tips For San Luis Obispo County: Summer Season

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Hope you’ve been enjoying the summer!

I know that protecting your home from pests is a never-ending job. This is why I want to offer you this infographic with summer pest control tips to help you protect your home or business in SLO County.

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Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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15 Pest Control Tips For San Luis Obispo County: Summer Season

15 Pest Control Tips For San Luis Obispo County: Summer Season

It’s almost the end of summer, with kids heading back to school and work projects ramping up again. If you’ve lived in San Luis Obispo for any length of time, you know there is still plenty of summer left for pests to wreak havoc – nobody told them summer is over! Our local pest control company has spent all summer protecting residential and commercial properties from pests that like to make themselves at home in your home.

Our family-owned business has provided home pest control for families in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding communities since 1980. During those 38 years our pest control specialists have gathered a number of pest control tips for San Luis Obispo County you can use to protect your home and family:

  • Get a pest inspection: A few bugs or creepy-crawly critters might find a way to get into your home, or decide they like your yard. The problem is you might not notice until it is too late. Call Brezden now at 1-800-464-9446 to schedule your home pest inspection.
  • Watch wooded areas: Fleas and ticks love to hide in wooded and grassy areas, and then hop a ride onto a passing human or pet. These pests might be small, but they can cause a lot of problems for your family. Treat your property and any surrounding areas to keep these pests away.
  • Don’t get caught in a web: When spiders are breeding a female can lay hundreds of eggs. If she decides to do that in your home, you’ve got a real problem. Keep an eye out for encroaching spiders, and pay close attention to webs and egg sacks.
  • Store firewood properly: Don’t give termites free access to your home. If you’ve use a wood burning stove, keep those firewood stacks away from your house or shed, at least 5 feet should be the minimum distance.
  • Look for entrances: Pests are sneaky about how they get into your house. Even the tiniest hole can lead to big problems. Carefully check your foundation, look for damage around windows, and repair any torn screens.
  • Don’t let the bed bugs bite: With summer comes travel season, camping fun, and sleepovers, which also means lots of opportunity to bring bed bugs into your home. Whenever family members return from an overnight stay, do a careful check for unwanted visitors who decided to come home with you.
  • Don’t make your home into a bat cave: During the day bats like to find places to rest up for the evening’s adventures. Sometimes their bat cave happens to be an attic. They can get in through a tiny hole, by gutters, or the chimney so make sure you have properly protected your home’s upper regions.
  • Know your pesticides: If you tackle any pest control jobs yourself, be absolutely positive about the pesticides you use. Follow instructions carefully, and look for any possible dangers to children, pets, and family members with breathing conditions. Better yet, let our pest control specialists handle everything so you can rest assured the job will be done right.
  • Keep the ants from marching into your home: There is a cute children’s song about ants marching to get out of the rain, but it’s not so funny when they march right into your home and swarm around every crumb of food they find. Containment at first sighting is a must.
  • Mice, rats, moles and voles: When these pests get into your yard, garden, trash, or home, they’re settling in for the long run. They do a lot of damage, and some even carry diseases which can be harmful to your family and pets. Don’t save a few dollars by purchasing a trap at a local hardware store; call in the professionals and get rid of the problem the right way.
  • Got gophers: Does it feel like you’re in a never-ending “Caddyshack” trying to rid your lawn of gophers? Thank goodness the Brez has state-of-the art Gopher X Equipment to safely eliminate gophers and other rodents.
  • Send birds flying: Birds can also be a nuisance if they nest in the eaves of your home. Their droppings can be unsightly and unhealthy, and they make a lot of noise. It’s not a good idea to poison them, as other animals may eat their carcass and become poisoned as well. Netting or relocation will often do the trick.
  • Dead animals: Dead animals can smell, attract larger animals looking for food, and draw flies. They should only be removed using the proper protective gear, or through Brezden’s dead animal removal service.
  • Bagrada bugs: Relatively new to San Luis Obispo, the Bagrada bug is an invasive pest species from Africa. Related to the stink bug family, it is an eating machine. Check plants during the warmer parts of the day to look for this invader.
  • ACP Alert: According to watch reports from Citrus Insider, San Luis Obispo County has had more than 20 incidents of Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) detection since the beginning of the year. Keep a close eye on citrus trees in your yard and alert authorities if you see them in your community.  

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