Happy Halloween from Brezden Pest Control

Brezden Pest Control - HalloweenHalloween is coming to San Luis Obispo, and that means winter can’t be far behind. While children dream of trick-or-treating and scary movies, adults turn to thoughts of making sure their home is safe for the winter. As your home pest control specialists in San Luis Obispo, we know that many people are concerned about what the weather is going to be. Whatever the weather brings, residents can be sure each month will also bring its own particular kind of household pests and bugs.

Make sure your home is protected from a pest infestation. Clean up yard debris, eliminate access through windows and basement cracks, and keep garbage cans securely closed. Call Brezden at 800-464-9446 and schedule a pest inspection with your local pest control experts. We can perform a termite inspection, and will also determine whether your home or business is in need of our rodent control, ant control, or bird control services. Don’t be scared by pests inside your home this Halloween – have the “Brez” around and the only creatures you’ll see will be screaming “trick or treat” at your front door!

Have a Scary Good Halloween!

John & Maria Brezden

Pest Control Special

Frightening Pests You Don’t Want Around Your Home This Halloween

It may be fun to dress up like spiders, rats and bats for your festive Halloween celebrations, but having the real thing in your home is no party!

  • Bats: Although bats play an important role in many great Halloween stories, the real things are no laughing matter when they are in your house. Once they have found a home, they can congregate in large numbers in attics, barns, sheds and other cozy accommodations. You need to block their access way to get rid of them, but be careful of possible bat bites. Once they have been eliminated from your home, be very careful about the clean-up process as their dropping can be toxic. Contact Brezden for more information on bat infestations.
  • Rats: Does seeing a mouse make you scream, let alone thinking about rats in your home or business? They’re not the loveable rodents Hollywood movies make them out to be. Rats, mice and rodents can multiply quickly and a colony can be out of control before you even notice that one has taken up residence in your home. They can carry a number of diseases, and may also wreak havoc on furniture, wiring, bedding, and food containers. Unfortunately they are also pretty smart, and can be quite difficult to eliminate permanently. Get Brezden on your side for any rat control problems you might have in your home or business.
  • Bed Bugs: “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” is more than just a whimsical good-night saying, it is also a real-life warning about these pesky creatures. Once bed bugs have settled into your home, they can make life miserable for you and your pets. It’s not the bed bugs you see that you have to worry about – those are easy enough to eliminate. It’s the ones that are hiding that are the biggest cause of alarm. They can move over large areas looking for blood, and can easily hide in the smallest of household cracks and crevices. Don’t let the bed bugs bite you or your loved ones – get Brezden’s pest control services before they get out of hand.

On a less scary note, get your home ready for winter with Thermal Acoustic Pest Control or T•A•P insulation from Pest Control Insulation Systems. This blown-in, eco-friendly cellulose insulation will keep bugs out and warm air in!

Halloween Q & A with Your Pest Control Experts

Brezden has provided home and commercial pest control in San Luis Obispo since 1980. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about rodent control:

Q: What is that awful smell?

A: At this time of year, our experience with powerful odors is that they usually come from dead animals or zombies. For zombies you might need to call in the ghostbusters, but Brezden can help with your dead animal removal needs.

Q: The house seems to be creaking a lot – what could it be?

A: Either you have ghosts walking your hallways at night, or termites have invaded and weakened the structural integrity of some of your wood joints. Call Brezden for a termite inspection and termite treatment.

Q: Is there really such a thing as bats in the belfry?

A: Only if you live in a building that actually has a belfry. But bats can actually squeeze in just about anywhere they find an opening and make themselves quite comfortable. Try to seal all cracks and crevices before winter, but call Brezden for bat removal if they still manage to find a way into your home.

Halloween Events in San Luis Obispo, CA 

Check out these fun Halloween events in San Luis Obispo:

  • Dia De Los Muertos: Sunday, November 1, 11am-4pm at Mission Plaza in San Luis Obispo. “Day of the Dead” is a traditional Latin American holiday that honors the dead. Join a unique celebration that is reverent and festive, to prepare to welcome the spirits of loved ones and friends. The free community festival includes dancers, musicians, poets and artists.
  • Treats No Tricks Halloween Wine Tour: Saturday, October 31, 11am-4pm through the Paso Robles & San Luis Obispo wine regions. Why choose? What could be better than a Halloween candy and wine pairing tour? Join Breakaway Tours on one of their regularly scheduled wine tours where they will pair one Halloween candy with one wine (of their flight) at each winery visited! $109 or $129 per person.
  • Beleza Nights Halloween Party: Saturday, October 31, from 10pm-1am at Novo Restaurant, 726 Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo. This is the last outdoor patio party of the season, so dress to impress for the costume contest! There will be two DJs, two dance floors, and two full bars. It’s the last scream of 2015! Cover charge.

Brezden Pest Control - Halloween