Brezden Pest Control Has Always Been Quality but Now We’re Accredited

Pest Control Expert

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to announce that we have been accredited by QualityPro.  This has a couple of implications, in short it means that QualityPro has found our business practice to be ethical and reliable. As a family business this is something that we pride ourselves on.

QualityPro looks at our business operations, which covers everything from our hiring practice to our dress code. In hiring they have found that we have done full background checks on all our employees, which means that we only have people who you can trust working in your home. On top of this our company was shown to be drug-free further proving the trustworthiness of our employees.  

They confirmed that we have insured all the necessary aspects of our business. They tested job safety and several other environmental compliance aspects of our business. I am so proud to announce that we passed!   

They found that we do not put any false or misleading statements in our advertising. They tested that we advertise that every one of our products are up to code and safe.  

Our consumer relations were put to the test, QualityPro looked at our terms and conditions as well as our communication with you, the consumer. They found that we are honest with you and provide information in a way that is understandable. They tested that we adhere to our own T&C’s.

Finally, to be accredited all our sales people and technicians had to pass the QualityPro examination. As the boss I can honestly say that I am proud of all my employees who took the test and passed, allowing us to be accredited.

The Brezden Pest team has been growing from strength to strength over the years and we are hoping to keep that going and the QualityPro accreditation helps us further achieve our goals.

Less than 3% of pest control companies in America have earned this designation.  I am incredibly proud of the team, in helping this be achieved. As you know we care about family and do what we can to make sure that when we work for you we keep you and your family safe from any potential threat that pests can pose. With the QualityPro accreditation you can now be sure that we will keep your family safe and that we will do it completely ethically.  

About Brezden Pest Control: Brezden Pest Control provides rodent control, bird control,  ant control, and termite treatment services in the San Luis Obispo area. The company keeps homes and businesses pest-free with its commercial pest control and home pest control services.  “Like” the Facebook page to receive information on termite treatment. Call 1-800-464-9446 today for a local pest control estimate. Visit the website to download a copy of the “Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Brezden Pest Control.”