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Best of SLO Awards 2018

Vote for the Brez

  Dear Friends, “Best of SLO” 2018 readers poll is upon us… if you do not already have a favorite local pest control company, consider casting your vote for Brezden Pest Control before the poll closes on March 12th.  The poll consists of 158 questions, but you only need to answer at least 25 questions

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What’s Bugging Your Home This Fourth of July?

Bothered by pesky critters? Want them out of your home? 

Dear Readers, Happy Fourth of July from Brezden Pest Control! Do you have some “uninvited guests’ pestering your home this Independence Day? No worries! Brezden Pest Control is exactly what the doctor ordered. Call Brezden Pest Control today to get rid of those pesky critters bugging your home. Brezden Pest Control has been operating in

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Brezden Pest Control Provides Spider Insights for Easter

Brezden Pest Control is warning residents of San Luis Obispo about an increase in the spider population this Easter.

April Newsletter –  A Note from John Brezden Dear Readers, Peter Cottontail may be hopping down the bunny trail, but don’t let him get scared away by creepy, crawly spiders and unwanted pests when he comes to your home! At this time of year, our local pest control service gets plenty of phone calls from

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Give Mom Peace of Mind for Mother’s Day

Woman Who Does it All

Give Mom Peace of Mind for Mother’s Day Termites, mice, rodents and bats – oh my! It’s enough to make a mother scream. Don’t tell mom, but did you know that a queen termite can lay up to 30,000 eggs every day? Now, that’s a lot of kids to raise! In all seriousness though, Brezden Pest Control knows how

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Easter Bunny Good – Easter Pests Bad!

Easter Bunny Good – Easter Pests Bad!

Dear Friends, At Easter nears, we get excited about a visit from the Easter bunny. But spring is also the time when all types of household pests come out of hiding. Imagine your horror on Easter morning when you’re greeted by an ugly, unwanted pest instead of a cute, cuddly bunny! Call Brezden Pest Control at 800-464-9446 now for a

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