Top 10 Pest Control Mistakes to Avoid For Pet Owners

As pet owners, we love our furry friends and never want to see them uncomfortable due to bugs and insects. Just like we’re quick to respond to fix our body when we’re not feeling well, our pets deserve that same sense of urgency. When trying to bring relief to your pets, consider these top ten pest control mistakes to avoid and help your pets with an easy and pain free transition back to 100% health.

1. Avoid Human Pest Repellants
As much as our pets are part of the family, their bodies respond differently to the chemicals we use on ourselves. You should never use sprays intended for humans on your pets. Human sprays carry harmful chemicals which can poison your pet or cause neurological damage.

2. Treat Your Pets Regularly
Just like we get regular checkups and take medication when we’re not feeling well, our pets need to see their vets regularly. Regular checkups help find problems before they become larger and regular grooming and vaccinations help avoid common pet issues that’s pests can cause.

3. Follow Medication Dosage
When you’re given medication from your vet, be sure to follow the exact dosage given. Too little a dosage can be ineffective and too much can cause additional issues for your pet. Trust in your vet.

4. Don’t Use Human Medicines
What works for you won’t always work for your pet. Our organs differ from pets, so unless a vet recommends something, avoid giving it your pet.

5. Being Indoors Isn’t Always Safe
We tend to think if we keep our pets indoors there is a lesser chance of them getting infected. Pests such as heartworm can be found indoors and are just as bad as anything that can be found outdoors. Pet safety is an indoor and outdoor safety measure always.

6. Clean Up Your Pet’s Favorite Spot
All pets tend to have their favorite spot in our home. This same spot also tends to be a high risk area for pests. Be sure to clean this area regularly and give your pet a fresh new play area every few days.

7. Check Holistic Goods with your Vet First
Natural is always good and holistic products tend to offer some of the best remedies. But before giving your pet anything natural, check with your vet to make sure there won’t be any adverse reactions to your pet.

8. Keep A Close Eye On Your Pet

After your pets gets a vaccination or starts taking their meds, keep an eye out to see how they are responding. If you notice there’s no positive change in their behavior it may be a good idea to check with the vet again.

9. Treat Everything as Time Sensitive
When it comes to health, every second counts. Some pests can become a nuisance for your pet and waiting for the season to change to get rid of them keeps your pet in pain longer than needed. Once you see there’s an issue, try to fix it immediately.

10. Different Medications Offer Different Results
Human medications don’t necessarily work on cats and dogs, and cat medications may not work for dogs either. Even though your cat and dog may have the same pest issue, be sure to check with your vet to ensure they receive appropriate medication.

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