Fight Fleas and Ticks for Father’s Day

Brezden Pest Control - Father's DayOur family at Brezden Pest Control really appreciates the importance of Father’s Day. It’s the day we honor dads and thank them for the tireless work they do to support the family and take care of the home. One thing we count on dad for is providing protection from all things creepy and crawly. This year, instead of another tie he won’t wear, get dad something he will really appreciate – help with home pest control.

Here in California, providing pest control can keep dad hopping year-round. In the summer there are all manner of ants, bats, bed bugs and termites terrorizing your home. And that doesn’t even include the dangers fleas and ticks present for your family and pets. Here are just a few reasons dad will love having our local pest control services around to help fight fleas and ticks:

  • Health Concerns: Fleas and ticks carry diseases which can be harmful to family members and pets. Nobody wants to spend a California summer feeling sick. Even if the fleas and ticks don’t carry any diseases, their bites still cause a lot of discomfort.
  • Life Cycle of a Flea: Fleas have four life cycle stages – egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. In the larvae stage the worm-like pest can get into cracks and crevices around the home, eating any debris it finds while making its cocoon. Once the adult flea develops, it begins wreaking havoc on every living creature it meets. Fleas that land on pets outside can be brought into the house, where they will have more tasty human meals to enjoy.
  • Ticks are Terrible:Ticks are small spider-like creatures that feast on the blood of people, pets, birds and mammals. They also spread many difficult-to-treat diseases. Ticks don’t usually jump, fly, or drop from trees onto their victims. Instead they wait patiently on a leaf or twig for an unsuspecting person or animal to brush by so they can latch on and start crawling up the body looking for the best place to dig in for a meal.


Happy Father's Day from Brezden Pest ControlThe best way to not have to worry about what can happen is to have Brezden perform a pest inspection inside and outside. Surprise your dad with local pest control services from Brezden and let us make sure your home doesn’t have any annoying fleas and ticks around. Let Brezden handle it all, so dad can really enjoy his day.

Happy Father’s Day!
John Brezden

Happy Father's Day from Brezden Pest Control

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Brezden Pest Control - Fleas and Ticks