Mom Has Enough to Do Without Worrying About Pest Control

In May, Brezden Pest Control honors and celebrates that marvel of engineering called the human mom. Whether she is serving as cook, chauffeur, teacher, nurse, playmate, domestic engineer, or bread-winner, mom certainly has enough on her hands without having to worry about home pest control.

Pests can be a big problem, especially here in California, and a pest infestation can be a headache for moms who might have to deal with everything from termites that cause structural damage to rodents that could pose a health risk for their family. Take one thing off mom’s to-do list and call Brezden yourself for a home pest inspection. Let us take care of your home’s rat control and ant control needs while you and mom enjoy some of these amazing facts about animal mothers:

  • Pregnancy: Elephants have the longest pregnancy at about 22 months, while a possum is only pregnant for about 16 days. A female oyster can produce 100 million young in her lifetime, while TV’s Duggars only have 19…and counting.
  • Lifetime Attachment: Baby chimpanzees are known to stay with their mothers for up to seven years, but that is nothing compared to how long some children like to stay with their human moms.
  • Communication: Baby chicks communicate with their mother through a system of sounds while they are still in the egg. We all know that a mother’s hearing is truly amazing!
  • Pests can be Moms, Too: Strangely enough even earwigs can be good moms. A mother earwig provides a warm nest, keeps her eggs clean, and protects them from predators. The problem for humans comes when the baby earwigs grow up to be adult earwigs. They can be a gardener’s worst nightmare if they get out of control.
  • Spidermom? While most spiders hang their eggs in a web and leave, wolf spiders strap their egg sac to their bodies and carry it around with them. The baby spiders then ride on their mother’s back until they can take care of themselves. It’s a nice sentiment, but too many spiders inside a house could make a human mother very unhappy!

Surprise your mom with local pest control services from Brezden and let us make sure your home doesn’t have any annoying pests around. Whether you need termite treatment, home and commercial pest control or dead animal removal, let Brezden handle it all so mom can really enjoy her day.


Happy Mother’s Day!
John Brezden


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